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Learn to Dance Salsa : Basic Steps for Beginners

addicted2salsa.com for more salsa dance lessons videos! Learn the basic steps to salsa dancing free. This salsa dance video is a ‘practice with us’ salsa dance video. So, I hope you enjoy the basic steps to salsa dancing for beginners.

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25 Responses to Learn to Dance Salsa : Basic Steps for Beginners

  1. luis131100 says:

    si k si

  2. swineflue2 says:

    when learning salsa which style you recomend?

  3. EricUlloa805 says:

    I find it funny how mexican women can dance crazy ass salsa without wobbling or tripping haha

  4. vikumsagara says:

    Latino women need to be your wife rockmycity.info

  5. hadita9 says:

    omg this is really easyy!!!

  6. DidiWafflezs says:

    I wanna learn this for ma sweet it’s soo hard !

  7. aryana1987 says:

    @etopla YES!!! Listen to etopla. This will get you the fastest ticket to IRRELEVANCE.

  8. agralco1 says:

    Nous pourrons surement appr├ęcier dans qq semaines.

  9. LAsweetnsour says:


  10. LAsweetnsour says:

    @crackkyadome : Awwwwww!!! That is so CUTE!! I am trying to learn salsa to win over the greatest guy in the world!! LOL!! How funny. LOL!!

  11. etopla says:

    Make sure to learn Colombian salsa. While other styles are good none top Colombian. Go to a local Colombian restaurant normally they have dancing lessons.

  12. x0BigTony0x says:

    amazing i really like this video and i am happy that i start learning dancing
    i have just a question would you like to tell the name of this great song :)
    best regards

  13. AuturgyFilms says:

    “IF YOU DO THIS ABOUT 10,000 times most likely you wont fall”

    I love this guy and who ever places little jokes on his videos. LOL!

    <3 from LA

  14. Itinerantboy says:

    @crackkyadome Im on the same boat man..ive known this girl for years and she came to my birthday party.. i finnaly danced with her.. the only problem was she could dance i couldnt.lol and im venezuela..sham sham

  15. SickeninglyILL says:

    @Oplosthee someone can’t take a joke, try a dick =D maybe it’ll be easier for ya

  16. GullyfiGaza says:

    @alayman11 lol i like ur plans

  17. ddrunkdogg says:

    Keep pressing 0:12 !!!

  18. Oplosthee says:

    @SickeninglyILL Youre fagulous

  19. SickeninglyILL says:

    yo…her shoes are fabulous

  20. anamika594 says:


  21. IckleDudeSean says:

    @crackkyadome that is well sweet !

  22. rokinaseumini says:

    Trusted name on Latin women marriage service **rockmycity.info**

  23. MsXxMidnightxx says:

    @crackkyadome Aww, that’s so cute! lol

  24. MsXxMidnightxx says:

    @crackkyadome Aww, that’s so cute! lol

  25. xOEHLALA says:

    @crackkyadome You posted that 2 months ago. How are things now?